In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

The Greater Richmond ARC

NOTICE: The deadline for submittal for Proposals in response to The Greater Richmond ARC’s REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL #FY 2016-0001, PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FOR PLANNING ACTIVITIES TO FURTHER DEVELOP A CONCEPTUAL DESIGN and POTENTIAL IMPLEMENTATION for a MULTIPURPOSE GYMNASIUM for use by INDIVIDUALS with DISABILITIES at CAMP BAKER has been extended to NO LATER THAN 12:00PM (noon), MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2016.  Proposals will be received and accepted up to and including that time at ARC’s headquarters address, 3600 Saunders Avenue as per the RFP.


We Create Opportunities for People with Disabilities

All of us want to be productive and independent, while making a meaningful contribution to the community. 

The Greater Richmond ARC knows how difficult it can be to find opportunities to achieve your goals and dreams when you face monumental challenges. 

We can help. 

ARC was established in 1954 by families for families. Since that time we have grown into a respected organization. Each year we help over 1,400 individuals with disabilities. We remain dedicated to creating opportunities for everyone in the community. We want you and your family to grow to your fullest potential.

Why Families Choose ARC 

Families choose ARC because we create opportunities that will give their loved ones a better quality of life. We empower people with disabilities across the broadest spectrum:

    • Across the lifespan – from infants to the elderly.
    • Across all levels of disability – from mild to profound.
    • Across the community – families receive the best help wherever they live in the metro and Tri-Cities areas, without geographic limits. 

Our unwavering commitment to family is what defines The Greater Richmond ARC. No matter what your family’s needs may be, we can help. The number and variety of services we offer are unmatched in the Richmond area.