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In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Decision Maker for March 28: Julee Fletcher with Greater Richmond ARC

Our own Julee Fletcher was recently featured in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. View the post here, or see text excerpted below.

An announcement was also made in Virginia Business


Congratulations, and welcome, Julee!


Decision Maker for March 28: Julee Fletcher with Greater Richmond ARC
Posted: Sunday, March 27, 2016 10:30 pm

Julee Fletcher is senior vice president and chief financial officer with the Greater Richmond ARC.

New position: senior vice president and chief financial officer, Greater Richmond ARC

Previous position: chief operating officer for the residential lending division, Citizens Financial Group

Birthplace: Richmond

Education: bachelor’s degree, College of William and Mary

Career: Citizens Financial Group, senior vice president, 2005-2015; SunTrust Banks Inc., progressed to senior vice president, 1993-2005; PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, progressed from staff accountant to manager, 1987-1993

Best career move: “I’ve had so many great experiences in my career, but my current role at ARC is the one that has allowed me to play a more meaningful role in the community, while applying the management and financial skills I’ve developed during my career.”

Career goals: “To make a positive impact on others. When you spend so much of your time at work, you’d like it to be meaningful.”

Best advice ever received: “Always keep the “voice of the customer” and the “voice of the employee” as the foundation when making business decisions.”

Most difficult situation faced on the job: “Spending eight weeks on an initial public offering in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Being away from home for that long was hard, but passing a sunny beach every day on my way into work made it that much more difficult!”

Career tip for students: “Follow your passion — you’ll be spending a great deal of time at your job, so make sure you love what you do.”

What motivates you? “Working on something that really makes a difference to someone.”

Role model: “I’ve had so many wonderful role models over the years, but in recent months, I’ve been so inspired by my close friend who is battling cancer. She has handled a very difficult diagnosis with such grace and appreciation for life.”

Family: husband, Steve; stepson, Jack; stepdaughter, Caroline

Pastimes: “Jogging (very slowly...), cooking, and trying new restaurants, wines and micro-brews.”

Most memorable book or movie: “ ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ — such a great, uplifting message, particularly around the holidays.”

Favorite food or restaurant: “My local neighborhood jaunts — Enoteca Sogno and The Mill on MacArthur.”

Ideal vacation: “Any sunny beach location, preferably with local seafood and local live music.”