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In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

ARC’s Camp Baker Gets a Helping Hand from Philip Morris USA

'Are you ready, are you pumped?' shouted Philip Morris USA human resources team leader Roxanne Richardson to her colleagues as they sipped hot coffee in the chilly morning air. Richardson, a native of New York, was more than ready to dive right in to the work at hand.

The all-day effort was part of Philip Morris USA's 'Day of Sharing' campaign, designed to help not-for-profit organi-zations around the nation through direct contributions of resources and labor. As much as the volunteer effort benefited the Great Richmond ARC, it also helped foster team-building skills among employees, many of whom don't always get the opportunity to work-face-to face with colleagues across the country. It was described by one volunteer as a 'win/win' situation for everyone involved.

After a thorough sprucing up of Camp Baker's building and grounds, the Philip Morris USA team assembled inside a large white tent for a hard-earned dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs. They were treated to a brief awards ceremony for their efforts and personal words of thanks by senior PM USA management and Marshall Butler, President of the Greater Richmond ARC. In all, the 'Day of Sharing' value to Camp Baker exceeded $80,000 and was very much appreciated.