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In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Charles Story, ARC’s New VP of Human Resources, Profiled in the Richmond Times-Dispatch

Charles D. Story III, ARC's new Vice President of Human Resources, was profiled in the Richmond Times-Dispatch's "Decision Makers" column in Metro Business Weekly, December 13, 2010.

Charles joined the ARC in November 2010 after serving as Director of Human Resources at the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority.

Richmond Times-Dispatch's "Decision Makers" profile, Metro Business Weekly December 13, 2010:

Charles D. Story, III

New position:
Vice President of Human Resources, Greater Richmond ARC

Previous position:
Director of Human Resources, Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

Petersburg, VA

Bachelor of Arts, Human Resources Administration, Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, FL
Masters of Business Administration, Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, FL
Candidate: Doctor of Management/ Organizational Behavior. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

I have provided human resources leadership in several segments of the health industry for organizations such as: Richmond Behavioral Health Authority, Seven Hills Health Care, and Poplar Springs Hospital. Additionally, I worked in human resources in the construction industry as well as serving as a police officer for the City of Hopewell, VA.

Best career move:
My best career move was to concentrate on providing human resources leadership to a specific industry.

Career goals:
Continue to improve my vocational certainty

The best advice he (or she) ever received:
Never compromise when it comes to ethics

The most difficult situation faced on the job:
Managing lay-offs

Career tip for students:
Discover what you enjoy doing and do well; then find a way to make a career out of it.

What motivates him?
A never-ending desire to learn

Role models:
My parents, Charles D. Story, Jr. and Nancy E. Story, who gave me and my sister a sound set of values to live by

Wife; Nancy; Sons, Charlie and Michael; Daughter in-law, Carly; Grandson, Charlie; Parents, Charles & Nancy; Sister, Margaret, Brother-in-law, Robbie.

Woodworking, metal fabrication, target shooting, and hunting

The most memorable movie:
Lonesome Dove

Favorite restaurant: