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In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Civitan Bracelet Project 

Civitan Vocational Services has undertaken a "down time" jewelry-making project that is proving to be not only rewarding for program participants, but potentially profitable.

In between paying Civitan contract projects, program participants are stringing multi-colored beads and sterling silver blocks bearing various letter combinations to make a beautiful customized bracelets and necklaces for men and women. Depending on preferred color schemes and letter combinations, the jewelry can be customized for area businesses, organizations and schools/universities. The most popular versions so far are purple-beaded bracelets bearing the sterling silver "A" "R" "C" initials.
The project was launched this past June and plans are being made to begin marketing the jewelry in 2006. Civitan was very pleased the first order of 50 customized bracelets was placed by longtime ARC sponsor FCE Benefits.

The CVS jewelry project is important for two reasons: first, because sales directly benefit CVS program, and secondly because it gives program participants a real sense of pride in producing something beautiful they can call their own.

Prices are $18 for bracelets and $20 for necklaces. For more information or to order, please contact 358-1874 or