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In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Meet Cody

Cody's mom Kendall usually has a hard time getting her son to have a conversation. He's fourteen, after all.

But when she picks him up at Camp Baker's summer program, he's nonstop. "Usually it's like pulling teeth to initiate conversation," but after spending  time at camp, "he's so animated. I have to say 'slow down, buddy'  as he lists everything he's done all week. It's really cool to see that."

Cody 's family first heard about Camp Baker from their local Down Syndrome group, and he's attended every summer ever since, now eight or nine years.

"He loves all the counselors, and he's kind of grown up with all the kids, " said Kendall. She knows he's happy while at camp because the staff post pictures for her on Facebook of him grinning "ear to ear."

"He talks about Camp Baker all year round. " Without it, Kendall said, "I would be very disappointed. He would be very disappointed."