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In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Community Partners

ARC Industrial Services offers solutions to your production or logistics issues. When we partner with you, together we create true win-win situations. Consider what we’ve accomplished with these key partners and how we might be your answer.


Sports Backers Marathon Kitting 2013CASE
: Sports Backers manages the annual Richmond Marathon. They needed a reliable source to warehouse and assemble 18,000 kits containing event literature, coupons, energy bars, fruit snacks, etc., prepare the same quantity of medals for each participant and do it accurately against a tight deadline. Any mistake or miss of the deadline would be a black eye for the marathon and specifically Sports Backers.

SOLUTION: Because of its warehousing and inventory control capability along with its high quality and delivery standards, for the past seven years ARC has received and stored upwards of 10 items per kit in advance of the marathon and then collated and assembled the “goodie bags” for delivery to Sports Backers the day prior to the race. Without fail.

BENEFITS: Sports Backers’ partnership with The Greater Richmond ARC allows them to have an economical and reliable solution to one of their most important logistical issues while ARC’s employees are actively engaged in an “all hands on deck” effort to support one of the region’s signature events. ARC program participants are proud to be a part of The Richmond Marathon.


FrontPoint Champiosn Award PresentationCASE: Front Point was launching a new concept in the security industry for homes and small businesses enabling their customer to self-install alarm sensors. Accordingly, the sensors must be properly prepared for ease of installation. A reliable supply chain partner to ‘prep’ the sensors, with zero deficiencies and on time delivery, would be critical.

SOLUTION: ARC Industrial Services has been paying attention to detail and following customers’ specific requirements for nearly 40 years. This made ARC an excellent choice for the tasks involved. ARC preps more than 10,000 sensors per week by scanning each sensor’s unique serial number and affixing a subsequent label to new packaging, installing batteries, affixing 2 sided foam tape and disposing of excess material. ARC’s staff is able to adjust to varying levels of production and to increasing demand. ARC’s warehouse and inventory controls enable safe storage for Front Point’s packing materials and sensors.

BENEFITS: FrontPoint is assured of a reliable supply of sensors, 100% ready for customer installation. Space and labor requirements are eliminated for this portion of the supply chain. The partnership provides work and training for 14 people with developmental disabilities on a daily basis, a huge win for the community.


Dealer Docx Scanning 2013-cropCASE: Dealer DOCX provides a cloud based document management solution for New Car Dealers. Paper documents must be scanned for the resulting electronic images to be stored in the cloud. Dealer DOCX, a Rochester, NY based company was in search of a partner, located in the mid-Atlantic region, to scan documents into the cloud. 

SOLUTION: AIS has been scanning documents since 2008 and scanned more than 5,000,000 documents in 2013. With its secure scanning center that includes video monitoring, chain of custody procedures and access protocols as well as its experience in cloud document management, ARC was a logical choice to become Dealer DOCX’s scanning partner.

BENEFITS: Dealer DOCX is able to provide their Virginia and North Carolina customers with a ‘local’ scanning solution which reduces transportation costs and turn-around time. ARC’s 5 years of experience also enabled Dealer DOCX to eliminate at least one full time staff position needed at other sites for training and oversight. ARC workers develop skills that allow them to progress to more challenging positions within ARC Industrial Services or at community employers.


Columbia Gas of Virginia 2013CASE: Columbia Gas required a Fulfillment House to kit and ship Energy Savings Packages to their customers who had qualified by responding to an online survey in their WarmWise program. Carl Levander, President of Columbia Gas of Virginia remembered ARC’s considerable capabilities from a tour he had made while a United Way Loaned Executive and contacted ARC’s team for a solution.

SOLUTION: ARC Industrial Service’s warehouse, inventory management expertise and employees experienced in kitting and shipping were all assets that lent themselves to a “one-stop” answer to Columbia Gas’ needs. ARC received kit components, packaged them to Columbia Gas specifications and inventoried the packages for weekly shipments against shipping lists provided by Columbia Gas.

BENEFITS: By working with the ARC Industrial Services team, Columbia Gas is able to provide their participating customers energy saving kits in a timely manner without renting warehouse space, becoming temporary experts in small package delivery and/or deploying valuable staff time away from other critical tasks. ARC employees gain skills directly transferable to the commercial workplace. Further, recognizing ARC’s mission, Columbia Gas displays an ARC logo on each box shipped and has significantly supported ARC’s Ladybug and Round of Good fund raising events.