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In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Richmond ARC Gets New Look; Launches Awareness Campaign 

This past spring, ARC undertook two very important new projects: an identity makeover and the launch of its first-ever public awareness campaign. The new logo reflects the marketing name change from the Richmond Area ARC to The Greater Richmond ARC. We're looking to staff, volunteers, board members and friends of ARC to tell the Greater Richmond community that, in partnership with families, we serve individuals with mental retardation and developmental disabilities that cover the lifespan. The public name change also reflects the growing community we serve.

mmunity thinking about ARC and increasing our public awareness, since very few Richmond-area residents actually know what ARC stands for or who we serve.

In May, The Greater Richmond ARC launched an exciting public awareness campaign using broadcast television, billboards, public relations initiatives and sponsored a "What is ARC?" contest on our new website,

The campaign employed clever wordplay based on the ARC acronym. Does "ARC" stand for "Albino Rabbit Club" or "Alpine Ravioli Chef" or "Ancient Richmond Curmudgeon"? Richmonders were invited to submit their own "What is ARC?" entries that best articulated the mission of ARC. The contest was judged by an illustrious panel of marketing professionals: Harry Jacobs, Chairman Emeritus of the Martin Agency; celebrity-songwriters Jimmy & Donna Dean; the creative team of Mo Davis and Kevin Grimsdale of Neathawk Dubuque & Packett and ARC board member Mike DeNoia. The contest winner, Rick Wilkinson of Richmond, got to see his winning entry "Always Responding with Compassion" stand 15 feet tall on a billboard on Midlothian Turnpike.

We encourage everyone to promote ARC among your friends, neighbors and colleagues as we build on the awareness campaign. We need everyone in the Richmond area to learn about The Greater Richmond ARC so that we can better tell the ARC story ' especially the services we provide. Expect to see more in early 2006!

Download PDF - RTD_ARC_Aware.PDF
Download PDF - RTD_ARCend.pdf