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In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Second Year of Emergency Respite Program 

Camp Baker's Emergency Respite Program enters its second year serving children and adults who are in immediate need of respite care. 27 children and adults have been served in 2005 as of October 1.

Dozens of individuals with disabilities have used Camp Baker for respite when their parents or caregivers have needed us in emergency situations. We have also provided emergency respite care to many awaiting permanent placement in a home or facility.

The average stay of individuals in emergency respite is 30 days, though some have stayed for as little as two days while others have needed emergency care for many weeks.

Camp Baker has provided emergency respite paid by caregivers, county agencies, and under the Medicaid waiver program. Waiver participants generally receive up to 720 hours of respite care annually, including in emergency situations.

We can provide respite care with as little as two hours notice. Please call Charles Sutherland, Director of Camp Baker Services at (804)748-4789 extension 301 or cell at (804)237-4789 with questions or to schedule emergency respite time.