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In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Consumer Support Services

The process of enrolling in ARC’s Developmental Services programs begins with contacting Consumer Intake. This is the single point of contact for registration & initial screening of potential consumers.

The Consumer Intake will assign you to a Consumer Support Specialist. He/she will be responsible for service planning, service monitoring & reporting, and advocacy.  Whether you decide your loved one will benefit from Afterschool, Day Support, Pre Vocational, Infant and Child Development Services or working on one of our federal contracts, he/she will be assigned a Consumer Support Specialist who will: 

  • Serve as primary contact for the consumer, guardian/authorized representative, caregiver, and consult with program staff; prepare progress reports for you and your referring entity.
  • Attends & convenes consumer-related meetings with funding & collaborating agencies for purposes of service planning, problem solving & advocacy.
  • Be your point of contact anytime you have a question, concern or need information on how your loved one is progressing. 

For more information about Consumer Support Services, please call
(804) 358-1874 or contact Lillian Lowery-Copeland.