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In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Infant and Child Development Services

Infant and Child Development Services

When you first learn your child has special needs, it is comforting to know there is an entire community already in place to help. Our Infant and Child Development team works with families to develop goals and techniques to meet the unique needs of your child.

Rehabilitation Services Designed Exclusively for Children

 “Our sons are not the same little boys who began therapy with Infant and Child Development Services. They are stronger, steadier, speak more clearly and are growing independently of us physically. We have seen great progress in their development.”

Greater Richmond ARC’s Infant and Child Development Services provides specialized rehabilitation services for children, from birth through adolescence, who are at risk for developmental delays, have delays in development, have a developmental disability, or suffer from an injury that adversely affects their development.

Our team of Infant and Child Development professionals supports children with special needs so they can:

  • Develop gross motor, fine motor, communication, social and problem-solving skills
  • Participate with other children to enjoy typical childhood experiences
  • Enjoy a variety of home and community activities

Physical therapists help parents teach their children to walk. Occupational therapists work with problems in cognitive functions, movement and coordination. Speech therapists help children use and understand language. Early childhood teachers and social workers help parents manage their children’s behavior and connect them with resources. 

A Family Affair

“The therapists were there for me and the rest of my family as much as they were for my daughter. We are thankful for their guidance and encouragement as we walk this road with our child.” 

Parents and caregivers who participate in the Infant and Child Development program express greater confidence and competence in meeting the needs of their young children. As a result, children show significant progress within six months of enrollment and need fewer special education services when they leave Infant and Child Development Services.   

Costs and Payment Options 

“The services my son received gave him the jumpstart he needed to get him as close as possible to other children his age.” 

Many Infant and Child Development Services are available to families at no cost:

  • For children under 3, Infant and Child Development Services offers early intervention evaluations and case management without charge through Infant and Toddler Connection of Virginia.
  • For all children, Infant and Child Development Services accepts Medicaid and third-party health insurance.
  • Infant and Child Development Services scholarships are available through ARC’s Ladybug fundraising events to help offset costs. 

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For more information about Infant and Child Development Services, please call (804) 358-1874 or