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In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

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Meet Darrall

Like most teens, Darrall, 13,  likes to stay busy. And like most parents, his dad Darrall Sr. thinks that's a good idea.

Both Darrall and his brother attend ARC's afterschool program and their dad says they both like the daily activities that include art projects, cooking classes, and community outings.  "It's nice. That's what kids need."

"They don't ever want to miss it, " he added, saying Darrall especially enjoys ARC-sponsored trips to places like the grocery store, where they learn to shop. (Also,  as a typical teen, he "likes to eat.")

Darrall attends ARC every week day afternoon during the school year and all day during the summer.

"I don't know if there's any program better than ARC. It not only saves me, it saves them, too," Darrall Sr. concluded.