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Happy Birthday, P.T.!

Last Wednesday,  long-time ARC receptionist Patricia Tomlinson (P.T.) celebrated her birthday with staff.

A few special guests stopped by to share in the celebration. Listen in on this clip from MIX 98.1 to find out which famous voices visited the ARCenter.

"I'm glad you came, you made my day!"


Audio Transcription:

Jeff: Mix 98.1, it's 6:30, Wicker in the Morning, Jeff Wicker and Ana.

Ana: Today is going to be so pretty, sunny, high 82, low 62 tonight. Right now 63.

Jeff: First thing I want to say is our buddy Kat, who's on here in the midday and in the afternoon, is one of the sweetest people you'd ever meet.

She's always doing nice things for people, buying stuffed animals, she brings us candy in here.

Ana: I wish she didn't do that! [laughs] My waistline doesn't like that.

Jeff: So yesterday when she came back, she'd gone to a birthday party for the receptionist at ARC. And she said, hey, she listens to you guys in the morning, if you ever get a chance, stop by and say hi!

Well, I happened to be near there yesterday, I thought, what the heck! And I went in and said hello to her. 

She is the sweetest -- she has been the receptionist at ARC, her name is P.T. (Patricia Tomlinson), she's been there for almost 36 years as the receptionist.

Ana: Wow!

Jeff: And she was celebrating her birthday yesterday.

Ana: Happy belated birthday!

Jeff: So happy birthday.

P.T.: Well thank you very much I appreciate that.

Jeff: It's your sweet sixteenth birthday?

P.T.: Yeah, I wish it was. I wouldn't mind going backwards if I could!

Jeff: That is wonderful! Now, how do you know so much about me?

P.T.: Because I used to listen to you when you were on Q94, and when I found out you were coming back, I was so, so happy! And I switched back to that station and I listened to you and I listened to Kat because she's on there too.

Jeff:And you know more about my family than I do.

P.T.: Well, I was talking about, you know, your children and Jack and Henry and your daughter and your wife, Sarah. And they still live in Charlotte -- your wife is a school teacher. So they'll come after the school year is over. I pay attention! 

Jeff: Paying attention! If I forget anything about my life or about my show, I'm going to call you and ask for advice, ok?

P.T.: And you go right ahead, I'll be happy to help you any time! I'll be there for you, Mr. Jeff Wicker.

P.T.: Hello, my name is P.T. I work at The Greater Richmond ARC and I listen to Jeff Wicker, and I listen to him and Ana in the mornings -- and Ana is precious. I listen to Mix 98.1 every day, all day.

I'm glad you came, you made my day!

Jeff: You made my day! What a sweetheart!

Ana: And she made my day by saying that I'm precious! That was really sweet of her.

Jeff: She was so nice! Just such a sweetheart -- so happy birthday to you, P.T.!