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In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

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Meet Dazeray

When Dazeray graduated from high school in 2011, her parents wanted to find a program where she wouldn't “sit around," her mom said.

Dazeray keeps busy at Camp Baker.  An outgoing person, she likes the day support program’s daily activities that include swimming and horseback riding in the summer, along with trips to local parks and shopping trips year round. She also shines at the camp's holiday dinners, where she’s been known to give instructions on good table manners.

"She enjoys going there and when she’s away from ARC, she talks about it constantly," her mom said. "At times I've tried to look at other places, and she says, 'No way!'"

Without day support, Dazeray probably would be staying with relatives during the day where there would be less activity. For her, this program has been the best solution.

"They look out for her there. I feel she's safe."

Art on Wheels visits ARC for Art Show

The Afterschool program space is quiet, for now. A man with a curled mustache spreads canvas cloth across the floor.

It’s a rainy Wednesday morning, and the man is Kevin Orlosky, owner of Art on Wheels. In a few moments, he will host a mixed media activity for individuals in ARC Day Support. The final pieces will join the growing body of work for the 2nd Annual ARC Art Show.

Fabric, paint and marbles fly as Kevin works with participants to personalize a handkerchief in bright, swirled colors. Now, these colorful pieces of fabric hang to dry and individuals chatter excitedly about the experience.

When asked if she painted today, participant Anne replied “Yes!” with a grin. She said she wants to show her mom and dad what she worked on today with Art on Wheels.

The ARC Art Show will take place Tuesday, May 17 from 4 – 7 p.m. at the ARCenter. Look forward to an assortment of canvas paintings, drawings, collages and sculptures. Some pieces – including some of these marbling projects – will be available for sale; proceeds of these sales will be given to the artist to use for program extras such as tickets for Flying Squirrels games or lunch out around town.

Spotlight on Morning Wellness Activities 

Here in the Day Support program at The ARC we start every day off with at least thirty minutes of continuous physical exercise to get a healthy start to our day. We recognize that when we exercise our bodies and combine that with good sleep and nutrition, that we have great results in every way imaginable.

The morning physical activities are designed to be unique each and every day. This month's theme is "Spring" and each morning spring is incorporated into the activity. It might be a walk outside to identify the Spring flowers, or a scavenger hunt around the Spring garden, or any number of things.

There are always indoor morning wellness activities too. To help those of us in wheelchairs, we have some mornings where we do chair-bound excercises for everyone. To benefit those of us who enjoy exercise video workouts we have exercise video morning workouts as well. For those who enjoy moving around we have days where we walk laps around the program area.

We try to make sure that all of us are active and able to do any of the different morning wellness activities on any given day. As the weather gets warmer the options for morning wellness activities increase!

We look forward to telling you about the different parts of our Day Support Day each month in these newsletters.

For More Information about this month's activites contact Day Support Coordinator Matt Hulcher (804) 665-1211.