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In partnership with families, the Greater Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

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Spotlight on Morning Wellness Activities 

Here in the Day Support program at The ARC we start every day off with at least thirty minutes of continuous physical exercise to get a healthy start to our day. We recognize that when we exercise our bodies and combine that with good sleep and nutrition, that we have great results in every way imaginable.

The morning physical activities are designed to be unique each and every day. This month's theme is "Spring" and each morning spring is incorporated into the activity. It might be a walk outside to identify the Spring flowers, or a scavenger hunt around the Spring garden, or any number of things.

There are always indoor morning wellness activities too. To help those of us in wheelchairs, we have some mornings where we do chair-bound excercises for everyone. To benefit those of us who enjoy exercise video workouts we have exercise video morning workouts as well. For those who enjoy moving around we have days where we walk laps around the program area.

We try to make sure that all of us are active and able to do any of the different morning wellness activities on any given day. As the weather gets warmer the options for morning wellness activities increase!

We look forward to telling you about the different parts of our Day Support Day each month in these newsletters.

For More Information about this month's activites contact Day Support Coordinator Matt Hulcher (804) 665-1211.

Carnival Time at Camp Baker

Last month our friends over at Camp Baker invited us to a huge carnival day they were having. We were so excited about it that we took everybody!

When we got to the camp there was so much to do. They had stations set up with so many great activities. There was face painting, with critters and hearts and animals available. There were balloon animals and balloon hats being made for all of us. They had lots of games and wellness activities setup as well.

We got to eat lunch with our Camp Baker friends and had a chance to meet lots of new friends too.

We all had a great day at camp, and we are planning more activities with our Camp Baker friends for the future!