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The Greater Richmond ARC is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities reach their full potential through compassionate services and acquiring full-time employment.


1 in 8 people have disabilities in the Richmond area. We're on a mission to empower them. Watch how.


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The Greater Richmond ARC provides a variety of innovative services and programs designed to meet the needs of our clients and their families. 

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Registration now open @ Staples Mill

Located at the former A Grace Place, ARC @ Staples Mill joins the organization’s North Richmond and Chesterfield locations in providing care and daily activities for adults with disabilities.

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Volunteers are integral to our organization. We offer various opportunities to get involved. We welcome both individuals and corporate teams.

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Meet Tai'Vonne

There is a reason why Tiffany Brooks doesn’t sit in during her five-year-old son Tai’Vonne’s speech therapy sessions. She wants him to tell her all about it afterwards. Tiffany realized a while ago that hearing about everything her son accomplishes during speech encourages Tai’Vonne to talk even more. Not that he needs much prompting. “He talks a lot on his own” nowadays, his mom said, adding that when they first began working with ARC, “he could not talk."

At first I thought it was a kid thing, but then I saw his friends at the same age were saying more.” Even more puzzling, Tai’Vonne could clearly understand what others were saying, but could not respond. In the past three years, he’s come a long way, with the outgoing little boy speaking in full sentences. “Now he can talk a hole in your head,” says his mom, smiling.

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