Our Board

Our Board of Directors is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers from all walks of life. All are leaders in their respective fields – finance, law, government, marketing, consulting -- who work tirelessly as stewards of ARC’s Mission.

Goal: To provide best in class service regardless of the ability to pay

CEO - John Walker

CEO - John Walker

There are two critical pieces to this goal:

1. Providing best in class services.

2. Providing services to individuals regardless of their ability to pay.

Making this goal come true will take tremendous effort by everyone involved with ARC; from our Board and other volunteers, to our staff and families and certainly including our donors. Rest assured we are hard at work trying to make this dream become reality. ARC is a wonderful place. Our success is not about our buildings or our programs. It is all about, our staff, volunteers, families and donors working together to make the dream of those families long ago come true by creating a better life for their loved ones. I look forward to working with all of you to make great things happen in and for our community in the future

Flexibility and growth

Board Chair: Warren C. Redfern, Jr.

Board Chair: Warren C. Redfern, Jr.

That’s the name of the game in an ever-changing world. Those with disabilities and their families already understand this. They have often had to abruptly change course to overcome unforeseen obstacles and challenges throughout their lives. These families are strong and they have adapted. ARC, too, has adjusted to change over the last 62 years, and I feel certain it won’t be the last time! 

As we move forward with our strategic plan, we are focused on becoming the most respected human services agency in the Commonwealth. We won’t forget to listen to the individuals and families who depend on us. Their perspective will remain at the forefront of everything we do. Understanding our families’ needs and wants is one of five core values at ARC that are just nonnegotiable.

Individuals with disabilities, their families and our community are counting on us at the Greater Richmond ARC. They are counting on you and me to sustain and expand strong community programs that are making a difference. We can’t let them down. Not now. Not ever.