You will rarely meet a more dedicated workforce than one comprised of people with disabilities. Their “can-do” attitude is infectious and their work ethic is second to none. Top quality performance and on-time delivery are their top goals. Of our 400-plus employees, over 200 have some type of disability.

Our Workforce:

  • Annually cleans over a million square feet of office and warehouse space and manage over 600 acres of landscaped grounds at federal and commercial facilities across Virginia
  • Assembled, packed and shipped over 619,304 home alarm sensors for a leading northern Virginia home security system manufacturer in 2016
  • The same year, assembled, packed and shipped across the U.S over 89,000 bundles of Plow & Hearth’s Fatwood, an all-natural fire starter
  • Staffs and runs an award-winning Welcome Center and a 24/7 emergency dispatch operation at one of the largest military bases in Virginia
  • Annually scans and digitizes over one million documents and images