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The Greater Richmond ARC provides a variety of innovative services and programs designed to meet the needs of our clients and their families. Our services span the lifecycle and assist people with disabilities to live happy, successful and meaningful lives.

We offer a wide range of services throughout the greater Richmond community

  • Newborns and toddlers, along with their parents, are participating in specialized pediatric therapy sessions in their homes
  • Teens and adults are engaged in activities that are helping them learn new social, behavioral, physical and cognitive skills –in our centers and in inclusive community programs
  • Over 200 men and women with disabilities are assessed, trained and placed in jobs where they can achieve dignity -- and earn a paycheck 
  • Families get a much-needed break from the (at times) overwhelming daily task of caring for their loved ones with disabilities
  • Children, teens and adults with disabilities enjoy a fun and enriching summer camp experience 


The process of enrolling in ARC’s programs begins with contacting Consumer Intake. This is the single point of contact for registration & initial screening of potential consumers.

 Our Intake staff will assign you to a Case Manager. He/she will be responsible for service planning, service monitoring & reporting, and advocacy.  Whether you decide your loved one will benefit from Infant and Child Development Services, Afterschool, Day Support, Workforce Development, or working on one of our federal contracts. Your Case Manager will:

  • Serve as primary contact for the individual, guardian/authorized representative, caregiver, and consult with program staff; prepare progress reports for you and your referring entity
  • Attend & convene consumer-related meetings with funding & collaborating agencies for purposes of service planning, problem solving & advocacy
  • Be your point of contact anytime you have a question, concern or need information on how your loved one is progressing

For more information about services, please call (804) 358-1874 or email


Infant & Child Development

Our sons are not the same little boys who began therapy with Infant and Child Development Services. They are stronger, steadier, speak more clearly and are growing independently of us physically. We have seen great progress in their development

When you first learn your child has special needs, it is comforting to know there is an entire community already in place to help. Our Infant and Child Development team works with families to develop goals and techniques to meet the unique needs of your child.


Greater Richmond ARC’s Infant and Child Development Services provides specialized rehabilitation services for children, from birth through adolescence, who are at risk for developmental delays, have delays in development, have a developmental disability, or suffer from an injury that adversely affects their development.

Our team of Infant and Child Development professionals supports children with special needs so they can:

  • Develop gross motor, fine motor, communication, social and problem-solving skills
  • Participate with other children to enjoy typical childhood experiences
  • Enjoy a variety of home and community activities

For more information please call (804) 358-1874 or email


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Youth and Adult Day Programs

Giving back to the community is a great feeling and rewarding life experience. But for those who have disabilities, it can be difficult to find such opportunities.

Our Youth and Adult Day Programs empower both teens and adults to contribute to society and be part of something meaningful. 

Both programs support adults and teens with developmental disabilities so they can become more independent while mastering skills and responsibilities for community living.


Adult Day Support and Afterschool Services are licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. Both programs are Medicaid MR Community-Based Waiver providers.

For more information about Day Support and Afterschool Services, please call (804) 358-1874. 


    Youth Day Programs

    I love the way ARC works with my daughter’s school. They know her teacher’s educational goals and try to reach them. ‘Wonderful’ is the only word to describe the afterschool staff.
    — Youth Day Program parent
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    ARC provides a daily, structured and staff-intensive program for school-aged children (through 21 years) with developmental disabilities who cannot be left unsupervised. In addition to homework assistance, students participate in fun and educational activities at the center and in the community. They enjoy field trips to restaurants, museums, libraries and parks; they golf, swim and bowl; and they volunteer at an animal shelter and a recycling center.

    ARC Youth Day Programs offer flexible hours to accommodate a variety of family schedules: 

    • School days until 6:00 p.m.
    • Early-release school days until 6:00 p.m.
    • School holidays and summer break 






    made health and safety goal progress

    Adult Day Programs

    My son cannot participate in sports, but he loves the wellness and fitness activities he does at ARC. He even does them at home. I love that he’s not just sitting around.
    — Adult Day Programs parent

    Our Adult Day Program services are designed to meet the needs of adults with significant and complex disabilities who have challenges performing daily living activities. 

    By staying active during the day with a variety of life-enriching activities, then returning home in the evening, adults keep a sense of independence and remain close to their families. At the same time, their caregivers are able to maintain employment without having to worry about their loved ones.

    Our north and south care facilities are open Monday through Friday year round.

    We focus on: 

    • Daily living, socialization, exercise, leisure, recreation, volunteering and workforce skills.
    • Working with staff to reinforce individual strengths in the community or at the center
    • Assistance with personal care needs, such as hygiene, simple food preparation and housekeeping services






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